How to make gum paste succulents

August 2, 2012

The green revolution has officially swept the nation, and cake decorating has stepped right in line. Gum paste succulents are the latest craze for brides and environmentalists everywhere. So when my friend, Jessica, asked me to do her wedding cake and showed me a photo of her succulent-studded bouquet, I was pumped about taking on this challenge.

Gum paste succulents have been popping up like weeds online over the past few months, and there are some amazing specimens out there. I couldn’t find a tutorial when I started researching the project back in February, so I taught myself how to make succulents using the small petal cutters pictured below. However, I just came across this lesson on Pixel Whisk that uses an azalea cutter sold here. The azalea cutter gives the plant an Aeonium Haworthii look, whereas mine is more of a Graptosedum ‘Vera Higgins.’ (Ok, that’s by far the most botanistic thing I’ve ever said.)

Here’s a video I made to walk you through the steps of making my gum paste succulents:

They’re easier than most gum paste flowers because you don’t have to ruffle delicate petals or anything of the like. You basically flatten the rounded ends of the leaves and glue them together. Someday I’ll attempt a more impressive succulent arrangement, but until then, I’m more than happy with my primitive little plants. They’re the perfect size for cupcakes, and they worked out beautifully for Jessica’s fabulous wedding. Water retention has never looked so pretty. Go Earth!

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