Utah Cake (a.k.a. if I were Sufjan Stevens, this would be my Michigan album)

January 27, 2011

I’ve made a cake shaped like a Canadian province before, but this was my first attempt at one of our great states. It was a fellow Utah lover’s birthday last week, and after minimal persuasion from Steve, I was convinced to play Brigham Young and discover Utah all over again–in cake format, of course. And it was quite a timely endeavor as we also celebrate the birthday of my favorite current Utahn, Kate. Additionally, this cake is a tribute to the Sundance Film Festival (it didn’t get in) and a consolation prize for the girls’ basketball team of West Ridge Academy that got pounded 108-3 by Christian Heritage High School.

It started out looking a little something like this–which is, I’m assuming, what the Wasatch Front looked like when good old Brigham proclaimed, “This is the place.” Utahns love sweets, so I filled it with chocolate mousse on one side, and a combo of peanut butter mousse, banana jam and caramel on another. (Unfortunately, Jell-o and fry sauce wouldn’t be appropriate for this application).

I tried to hit on all the important topographic details: the Great Salt Lake, Lake Powell, the snow up north, and the red rock of the Colorado Plateau down south. Ok, so I may not have nailed the mountains, but I got the trees DOWN. I cannot get over these precious little pines that I made so easily with a Wilton #18 star tip. I simply piped a star for the base and rotated the tip just a tweet to pipe the top.

The cake may not be perfect, but, hey, neither is Utah. Still, I’ll say it’s an honorable inaugural entry in my own “Fifty States Project.” For my sophomore entry, I may just have to follow in Sufjan’s footsteps with the home of my beloved, Illinois.

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Monica January 27, 2011 at 3:47 pm

it looks great! I’m sure it even taste better!


sarahthebear January 31, 2011 at 7:50 am

Monica: I think a Venezuela cake is in your future :)


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